Thank you

The committee would first like to express its sincere thanks to those stalwart supporters who braved the Sahara like temperatures on the Saturday and uncertain rain forecasts on Sunday to visit our 2023 Rally at Hampton and make the weekend a great one.

Secondly, there are unfounded, seemingly malicious rumours being spread, suggesting that for some inexplicable reason, the 2024 rally will not take place. This is absolute rubbish. The club is financially secure and the rally exists not only because of the massive, behind the scenes, unpaid work of the committee, but the hard work of those running the exhibitor sections and the even harder work of the section leaders, club members and loyal supporters who help to set up and break down the general rally infrastructure, again unpaid, with many taking holidays to help.

So, the committee are happy to confirm that plans are already being put in place to make the 2024 rally another successful event… with fingers crossed as always for good weather…

And remember, our 50th rally is not too far away… so watch this space!

The Committee