The Rally Site

I’m sure that many of our members and supporters will have heard rumours that our landlord had sold the site and so on. Some stories are true and some are…

The truth of the matter is that the site has been sold. When the committee heard of these rumours, we firstly confirmed that it was true and then arranged a meeting with the new owners as a matter of urgency.

The meeting was arranged for last Monday morning (27th) on the site. We were pleased to see that the exhibitors entrance had been cleared of tipped soil and so on and that the large areas of weeds were also now under control. A vast improvement. 

We were even more pleased to hear that our future use of the site was not in jeopardy, which was of course of great concern to all of us.

So, the 2024 rally will go ahead as planned. Entries are well on track for all sections, and of course, we’re keeping our fingers crossed for good weather.

John Blackwell